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Here you have a wondrous collection of old songs and poems, and some new songs, all having to do with sailors and the sea. You’ll hear of the tall-ship voyages, the perils of a lee shore, the shoals of sailortown, the death of a pearl diver, the sinking of a trawler by a cow, the work of the wreckers, and some old shellback reminiscing. Where there were gaps in the traditional sea songs record, Charlie has strived to fill them by setting older nautical poems to music or by composing new songs. Songs are either acapella or accompanied with 5-string banjo or Anglo concertina.

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Notes about the Songs

Lyrics and Samples
of the songs on the CD

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To Cicely Fox Smith, John Masefield, Robert Louis Stevenson, Hamish Maclaren, Lincoln Colcord, and the anonymous others who composed many of the poems and songs herewithin.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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