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Many of these songs are drawn from the sailor's experience while ashore in the waterfront area described as "Sailortown." Other songs describe experiences at sea, the good and the bad. Some of these songs are ones that I've adapted for singing based on old nautical poems by Cicely Fox Smith, John Masefield and Burt Franklin Jenness. There are also new songs composed by contemporary sea music singers. The final song, one of mine, has nothing to do with the sea but is a nice one to close with. My wife Judy Barrows has kindly provided some back-up harmonies, and I've provided some cloned harmony. The songs are accompanied with 5-string banjo, autoharp or Anglo concertina, and/or Judy's guitar. I would hope that many of these songs would be of interest to other nautical singers.

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Notes about the Songs

Lyrics and Samples
of the songs on the CD

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Ron Baxter, Jon Campbell, Burt Franklin Jenness,
Henry Lawson, John Masefield, Micki Perry,
Cicely Fox Smith & Rudy Sunde

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