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Haul Away the Nets

Words & Music by Vince Morash 1997
Adapted by Charlie Ipcar 1997
Tune: "The Campanero"

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Haul away the nets!
Strain your bloody guts!
There's lots of fish below to be raised;
Fishing is great fun,
There's blood and guts and rum,
And we work and drink and work until we're paid!

I'm ankle deep in fish and if I could have me wish,
I swear by the tail of a cod;
If I had another chance I'd be working at a bank,
Or maybe just a farmer tossing sod. (Chorus)

I'm knee deep in mackerel and I don't need a tackle,
Just a great big net and some men;
You see, the fish trap is a bowl, the fish swim in the hole,
And they never ever gets to swim again. (Chorus)

Now I'm waist deep in this mess and me stomach's gonna retch
And a squid just shot me in the eye;
Fish slipping down me pants, makes a fellow wanna dance,
So I guess we best be home before the tide. (Chorus)

Yes, fishing is great fun, if you like dark rum,
For it's the fuel that drives us along;
But if the winds do blow, you can betcha we won't go,
We'll just sit around and drink, and sing this song. (Chorus)

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