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Those Swabbing Days are Gone

Words by Charlie Ipcar 1999
Inspired by Associated Press Article
Portland Press Herald 3/15/99

Tune by Vince Morash Fishing Time Again 1997

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In days of old, sailors paid their dues,
Their ships were shipshape, when the day was through;
They swabbed the decks, till they shined like new,
Now, those swabbing days are gone.

They swabbed the decks, they polished brass,
They painted bulkheads fore and aft;
Now, civilian workers contract those tasks
Since those swabbing days are gone.

Those swabbing days are past and gone,
They've left us here to sing this song;
Let's raise a glass, don't look forlorn,
Those swabbing days are gone.

I remember well how our old chief said,
As he gently stirred me from my bed,
"Rise up, me lad, and clean the head!"
Now, those swabbing days are gone.

They say we'll all be better trained,
In search and rescue, wind or rain,
With no dishpan hands, nor backs in pain,
Now, those swabbing days are gone.


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The old chief takes it with a grin,
"There's no use spitting into the wind,
But how'll they learn their discipline,
Now, those swabbing days are gone."

The times bring change from coast to coast,
And the U.S. Coast Guard's the first to boast,
All raise your glass, let's shout the toast,
"Those swabbing days are gone!"


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