Photos from Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival
June 10 - 14, 2004

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We stroll from our motel to the seaport (note: it was darker at 2 am when I strolled back)...

...and there it is - Mystic Seaport

John Roberts confers with Jeff Warner before the show

Norris Dale & Alison Lee Freeman on center stage at Mystic (of course they were setting up sound - but it's a start!)

On to the Post-Concert Pub Sing

(Friday Night at Frohsinn Hall)

The Johnson Girls and friends

Geoff Kaufman from the Seaport

Craig Edwards coordinated the festival and still had energy enough to sing!

Tim Reilly from the Seaport on bones

The hall and part of the crowd

Charlie Ipcar ("Charley Noble" on Mudcat) leading "West Indies Blues," supported by Bruce McIntyre and Alison Freeman

Jeff Warner (far right) and Bruce McIntyre

John Roberts leads a song, with chorusing from Dave Peloquin of Compass Rose and Jane Hebert

Craig is still going strong

I think Ken Schatz of NexTradition (blue shirt) is leading this one

"Chanteyranger" and Celeste Bernardo, both from the San Francisco area

Alison Lee Freeman, formerly of Roll & Go in Maine and now a chantey singer based in Massachusetts

for Festival volunteers and attendees

(Sunday Morning at North End Stage)

Charlie with the Seaport behind him - ships old and new

Charlie brings "Frederick's of Woolloomooloo" to Mystic

These folks were introduced as Sally, Nancy, and Judy -
but they look a lot like Meg Frost (Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire), Donna Glover of Windlasses, and Julie Moulton

Alison Lee Freeman presents her Saab chantey

Mark Maniak and some of the usual suspects

Mike Kennedy - volunteer coordinator of the volunteer sound crew - with a great voice!

"Chanteyranger" does a guest spot

Judy Barrows ("JudyB" - wife of "Charley Noble") leads "Willy Went to Sea" (© Brian Bedford)

Judy was actually shanghaied (not exactly kicking and screaming) on to the sound crew at Mystic

Nancy, Judy and Sally - who look a lot like Sally, Nancy, and Judy above....

Chanteyteens(?) - a group of teenagers from the Mystic area (not sure how they spell their name - but they sound great!

Norris Dale of Roll & Go and Alison Lee Freeman (formerly of R&G) do "Blood-Red Roses"

Didn't get all the info - the lead singer is Morgan - good bones and a voice that was stretched to the limit over the weekend!

"MMario" on Mudcat - don't know his real name - with a wonderful song by Mike Campbell ("Alaska Mike") about why it's not a good idea to provoke a whale

"All Hands on Stage" to end the Volunteer Chanteyblast (I'm there in spirit, tho' my body was in the audience taking this photo)

at the North End Stage

Nutmeg Fife & Drum, a Mystic-area youth corps

part of The Ancient Mariners - a little more motley in appearance but very together musically

And finally....

Closing of the final concert - Don Sineti leads "Rolling Down to Old Maui"

"All coil down..."

"...and it's time for us to go...."

Photos (except those of me) by Judy Barrows 2004
Please click on a photo for a larger view.

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