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Song Parties

On to the
Loaded Dog

Margaret's House

Bob Bolton leads a song

Brett leads a song

View from the Kitchen

John & Jenny's BBQ

BBQ in Earlwood

Typhoon - It was just a little less sunny than we'd hoped...

John Warner leads a song
© 2003 Bob Bolton

Charlie leads "Outside Track" in the Train Room

Bob Bolton leads a song

John Warner tells a story

Sydney Mudcatters and Guests*
*In some order: Naemanson, JennyO, Charley Noble, Sandra in Sidney, Bob Bolton, JennieG, Callie & Chicky
photo by JudyB, who just lurks and never gets names straight

Horvath's House in Glebe

Charlie with
Margaret and Bob Fagan

Horvath Family
in background

Richie Howitt
leads a song
All photos are © 2003 Judy Barrows & Charlie Ipcar unless otherwise noted.