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  Quantity   Total Amount
Never Turn a Blind Eye to the Storm   x $15 US  
Songs from an Old Sea Chest   x $15 US  
Sailortown Days   x $15 US  
Old Sailor-Poets   x $15 US  
More Uncommon Sailor Songs   x $15 US  
Uncommon Sailor Songs (CD)   x $15 US  
Three Kitties Set Out to Sea
(A tale of three adventurous kitties by Charles Ipcar,
with full musical notation)
  x $25 US  
Sea Songs of Cicely Fox Smith
(Songbook edited by Charles Ipcar)
  x $25 US  
Uncommon Sailor-Songs
(Songbook edited by Charles Ipcar)
  x $30 US  

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Charlie Ipcar
80 Main Street
Richmond, ME 04357

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